Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monkeys love bananas!

Above: In your crib! With pirate PJ's! It all matches. As you can tell, your crib is open on the front. That is because it is set against our bed so that we can all sleep together. (October 2011)

 Your father has been on vacation since Saturday. I hope we aren't too boring for him, though I really haven't been doing what I normally do either. Usually, when he goes to work, I go about my day, which includes cleaning, entertaining and teaching you, and trying to find a bit of time to enjoy myself. I suppose since he has come on vacation, I have sort of jumped onto that bandwagon with you. I figure it's the best I can do, seeing as a stay-at-home-mother I really don't get vacation in the same sense at this time. So I've been very lazy about my duties and about reading to you. We've been watching TV, pigging out on the spoils of candy from Halloween, and just in general having a lazy time of it.

Still, that doesn't mean I'm a complete slob. I've done laundry, and after Monday I reluctantly removed the Halloween decorations and began the packing process. I really don't have anything for Thanksgiving, but I don't mind that so much since Yule is fast approaching right behind it.

Your father may or may not go to Mexico after all. Things sort of went up in the air because he lost his wallet, and had to go about getting all of his items replaced, which can be a big hassle. He hopes to go, but if so it will be for maybe a day, which isn't much. I feel bad about it because I now he loves to travel, and with Mexico so close it was one of his favorite getaways. I hope he doesn't get frustrated about not going. I try to encourage him to go whenever he can, but one day just doesn't seem like much fun, especially since he wants to take a bus there and that will take hours just for the travel time. One day I hope we can take a family vacation somewhere together, and I hope someday, when you are older and mature, he will take you south of the border as well.

In the meantime, today you tried banana. I ate most of it, but your father mashed up a nice little bit for you. The nice thing about letting you eat sparingly right now is that you aren't having to eat jarred up, processed baby food. We can share bits of fresh things with you, and somehow I find that so much more appealing. You enjoyed banana very much, just the same as you did avocado and hummus. You get a terribly ugly loo on your face at first, and then you become excited and start crying for more or grabbing the spoon and shoving it into your mouth!

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