Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Havoc done.. onto Thanksgiving!

I meant to blog yesterday, but I became so wrapped up in the day I was unable to. Anyway, Cesar you were very well behaved last night! First I'd like to say that we had a nice, easy morning. While you have taste tested a few things here and there through the course of your early life, the past couple of days you have actually had a few bites, as I figured we are about to introduce solid food, so rather than bombard you with it all at once I would casually introduce you to bits. First was avacado. It's so hilarious whenever you try new foods, because your faces scrunches up and your eyebrows become knitted in a look of disgust. Then, you begin to get happy, and reach for the spoon eagerly. At once point you grabbed it and wrapped your mouth around it without anything on it! It was so exciting. You have been so anxious to try table food, just like "big people" which to me says you're ready for some samplings. Yesterday Vincent took us out to a restaurant where you tried hummus, and boy did you love it! I was so pleased. I think the best thing about having a child is watching them share new experiences with you.

Above: Family photo! Your father (Alberto Del Rio), yourself (Stewie Griffin), and myself. I was supposed to be Hera, but I failed to acquire any peacock decor. Your aunt Miranda said she thought of Athena when she saw me, so that works as well! (Halloween 2011)

Anyhow, before we left to the fairgrounds of Helotes, where my father was, we left out offerings for the dead on the doorstep. One was a small bowl of wet dog food and cat food for lost pets, and the other was for humans. My mother told me I should share what I enjoy, so Vincent put out popcorn (I eat popcorn nearly every day!) and added peanuts... the peanuts just seemed like a good mix. I lit a small votive candle in a safe glass with water and we departed. I'll have you know that by the time we got back all of the pet food was gone, and this morning, all of the popcorn was gone so there were only nuts left, and the votive had burned completely down.

The fairgrounds were busy, bustling with loads of costumes. Most of the events were for older kids. They had FOUR bouncy castles, and hay rides (Vincent calls them "hick" rides) and little fun things. I think when you get a little older you will have much more fun. The stimulation made you very cranky, but that was ok. I imagine from a baby's perspective such an explosion of people and activity and colors must be very overwhelming. But it was worth it to have you see your grandfather and share a bit of your first Halloween with him. Your father also had a good time. There were two small boys dressed as wrestlers, who immediately recognized who he was (Alberto Del Rio) and they got all excited and their father asked for a picture of them together. It was very awesome and made your father's night.

Then we proceeded over to your Grandmother Melinda's house. We said hellos to the family, but I wanted to go Trick 'R Treating as well. Hey, the best thing about breastfeeding you is that you can enjoy the candy... if I eat it! So away we went. We just went about the block, but we hit a few houses. It is heartwarming to see that there are still houses proudly handing out candy, keeping the tradition alive. We even came to a house that just had a bowl of candy and a sign reading, "Take the candy, leave the bowl." Well, at least they were kind enough to leave it out! It's a good idea in case Vincent and I ever go to a party or something if we have a house. Anyhow, you had a much nicer time Trick 'R Treating because we walked so much, and you had so many compliments on just how cute you were. I don't think you made a very menacing Stewie, but that's alright.

After that we went back to the house, where everyone was hanging out, drinking, and having an overall good time. I even had a beer, but just one so that I could drive us all home safely later on that night. As soon as we came home I was beat. You crashed out, and then your father and I followed suit just shortly after. I'd say, for your first Halloween, it was splendid. I saw so many costumes! From a skeleton dressed dog, to Strawberry Shortcake, to werewolves and ghouls!

Now, the next holiday is Thanksgiving. Today I have been taking down decor from All Hallow's Eve and packing the little bit of it up. I'm not certain what we will be doing for Thanksgiving, but by then you will be eating some solids, so it's quite perfect timing.

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