Monday, February 20, 2012


The day before yesterday, you stood up. And then you did it again. And again. And again. Let me explain in detail. You crawl up, and assist yourself with something else, typically me as I sit on the floor, and then you push yourself back onto your own and throw your arms up in the air like Superman! You wobble, and fall forward or onto your butt. I clap and make a big deal about it and you continue to repeat it.

The day after, and today, you haven't been doing it quite as much, but often enough that it lets me know you will be getting the hang of your own balance quite soon enough. I'm so proud, I have to say. I'm really looking forward to your development. I know some parents say enjoy the time you have, and I do every single moment. I remind myself that as you grow older, I will only trade one set of joys/obstacles, for new ones. Still, I suppose that is the excitement of watching a child grow - being so anxious to see the next steps. I cannot wait until you realize that to get off the couch you have to go feet first, rather than head first. I think it will be awesome, because I will be able to put you up beside me and not have to worry about the tumbles you take. Still, I'm sure that's quite some time off.

Also, you've been naked the past two days. I'm sorry I haven't taken you out, but you had a horrible rash. I feel for you, because I think you must be having outbursts because you are so uncomfortable. So we've been allowing you to run around nude to let yourself air out in the open. You seem to love it, as I'm sure lots of babies do. Plus, I've noticed that you are more aware, even more upset, about when you pee. It's given me a bit of an idea to try. My friend, Pat, told me she did this with her son at an early age... that since you recognize when you are peeing, I should get a little potty, and give you nude time and get you used to the idea of when you need to head to the little potty. Yes, you are a bit young, but why not? It certainly couldn't hurt, especially since we are together most of the day. I will be sure to let you know how it goes, but in the meantime, I promise I will take you to the park in the next few days. Your father is off tomorrow and Wednesday, so perhaps we can all go together.

Below: I loved your duck tub! It quacked in such a cute way we enjoyed mimicking it! However, I have had to retire the tub since you can now climb out of it, so it's back to the big tub for you. (January 2012)

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