Friday, February 10, 2012


Wow... it's been two months since I've written, which in turn makes it that much harder to write because so much has happened. I'm kicking myself for not trying to catch up sooner even now. Yet here we are, and so I will try to make do with what I can. Over the next bit of time, I will try to write about what's happened along with the new stuff. For now, I'll just start playing catch up by telling you how far you've come since December.

You crawl now, belly off the floor and all, but you've exceeded even that. You now stand yourself up using the couch, TV stand, and pretty much anything else that will allow you to do so. I remember the first time you did it. You pulled yourself up using your toy box, and then you fell right into it! It was so funny even though you cried a little because you were so startled. Like a champ, however, you continued to do it. Soon, you were pulling yourself up using the TV stand, the problem being that once you had stretched up you didn't know how to get back down! So you would cry and cry. I can only imagine what was going through your head. Perhaps it was something like, "Help me! If I let go I'll fall into a black abyss!" Since then, you now just stand up and fall right onto your butt. You've come so far now that you try to walk along things if you can. Just two days ago, I was sitting cross legged at the door while talking to a neighbor, Parker, outside.  You were crawling around and used my knee to stand up. Then, in a brilliant motion, you let go and threw your arms up as if you were superman! I'd say it was a good four or five seconds before you tumbled to your butt. I was so glad Parker was there to witness it, as even she smiled about it. Only you haven't tried again, though you have started to cling a little less with your hands.

You make all sorts of baby sounds. Lots of "Ahhhhs," and, my favorite, "Dadada." Once, I asked you a question and you even said, "Yeah," though I think that was more of a coincidence than an actual intent to answer. Still, I was so pleased! I keep trying to get you to say daddy, that way I can really get you to pick on your father! The other day you climbed up to him and said, "ad," and it was so very close that Vincent got a little nervous. However, with the onset of language, comes the frustration as well. It's as if you want to communicate, and there's a conversation going on in your head, but since you cannot express yourself properly you get frustrated and cry sometimes, just because I don't understand what you desire. I'm confident this will pass though, and so very excited!

Lastly, it's fascinating to watch you play with your toys now. You're still not an expert, but you've started to realize that they are not all for chewing. I watch you play with steering wheels with an effort, or with certain toys and you are trying to study them... figure them out. It really is amazing, to watch a child grow first hand. I wouldn't trade this for the world. Though sometimes, I beat myself up thinking I should be doing more, should be pushing myself and I go back and think of all the times I slacked, just to watch a movie, or get my own stuff done. I know I'm being a little harsh, but then I'm certain there is some truth to it as well. One downfall is I've noticed you see TV a lot more than I'd like. Sometimes, I like to mess with you. You will be trying to watch the TV, and I'll put my hand about half a foot in front of your eyes and as you try to look around I keep moving my hand until you pay attention to me!

Your first time on a swing! Your father initiated the experience and you were so happy. It's one of your favorite activities by far. (January 2012)

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